Watermelon Juicer

A Device and Method for Extracting Watermelon Juice without Any Cutting

  • Extract the juice fast
  • single-phase electric power
  • Completely hygienic
  • Save Manpower
  • Separates all seeds and fiber
  • completely extracts the flesh
  • Needs no special instructions
  • Unique juice extractor
  • Juice bars, restaurants, coffee shops, beach bars, festivals, parties
  • This device will be warmly welcomed in tropical regions.

I want to market and sell this patent. So, I will sell my invention to any manufacturer or industrialist across the world who makes better offer.  After sales, I will reveal and share the technical secrets of the device with the buyer.      

Why This Watermelon Juicer


This device works with single-phase electric power.


This device separates all seeds and fiber.

Save Manpower​

This method saves human power.


Extract the juice of a 2-6 kg watermelon in two minutes.